1981 Foundation of "Anton Jantschitsch Güternah- und Fernverkehr " (short and long hauls) by Anton Jantschitsch
1981 - 1985 Transport of goods as independent subcontractor, mainly from Germany to France by platform lorry.
1985 Purchase of the first articulated vehicle with moving floor technology. Specialization in the transport of agricultural produce in Northern Germany and the Netherlands.
1986 First air suspension walking floor
1987 Purchase of a second vehicle
1989 Acquisition of five licences
1992 Anton Jantschitsch quits his "driver" job and concentrates entirely on vehicle disposition.
1994 The company moves to new premises on Meppener Straße
1999 Junior partner Frank Jantschitsch enters the company as dispatcher
2001 20th company anniversary
2003 The vehicle fleet comprises twenty company-owned lorries
2004 Foundation of Jantschitsch Spedition GmbH
2005 Maik Jantschitsch takes over as head of vehicle fleet
2006 Foundation of Jantschitsch International "Sp.zoo"
2007 Anton Jantschitsch Güternah- und Fernverkehr" now trades as Jantschitsch Transporte GmbH & Co. KG. The vehicle fleet comprises 40 company-owned lorries The Jantschitsch team now comprises more than 70 members of staff - including 60 lorry drivers, 11 office clerks and 3 apprentices. Anton Jantschitsch establishes another company: "Anton Jantschitsch Transporte"
2008 Maik Jantschitsch joins "Jantschitsch Spedition GmbH" as managing partner
2009 Complete conversion to Euro 5 vehicles
2011 Crew grown to over 80 employees
2013 First Euro 6 vehicle
2013 Introduction of a new freight forwarder software
2014 Merger of Jantschitsch Transport GmbH & Co. KG and Jantschitsch Spedition GmbH. The fleet has grown to 60 vehicles. A further 10 are planned.
2015 Now we can offer you 60 qbm steel tipper.
2018 From now on all new vehicles will be equipped with a blind spot assistant. This will make the turn right safer.
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